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Location: lower level of Canadian Macedonian Place, 850 O'Connor Drive, Toronto - click here to view directions map.

For Easy Access to the Library, Enter via the South Side
of Canadian Macedonian Place and Ring the Buzzer at the Door

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For further location information please contact Zlatka Cokov at the Canadian Macedonian Place: Tel: 416-755-9231

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On Saturday, April 23, 2005 the Canadian Macedonian Historical Society hosted the official re-opening of the reference library to its members. Approximately 60 people attended the event and were given a sneak preview of the impressive collection of books, videos, DVD's, journals, photographs and artifacts pertaining to Macedonian history.

Preparing the library for this opening was a monumental undertaking. From setting up the database, cataloguing the over 2,000 items and preparing the library, volunteers from the historical society, headed by president Alex Nitsis, worked diligently for almost a year to make this dream a reality.

A listing of the available books is accessible through this website by clicking on the library link. The name of a particular author or book title may be searched or the entire collection of catalogued items may be perused.

The library, which is situated in the basement of Canadian Macedonian Place will be open to members of the community in the near future on Sunday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. As the library is strictly a reference facility with many rare materials of archival quality, books will not be allowed to be signed out.

For research purposes our library boasts four computers with Internet access. You will be able to research information, prepare documents and print them out on our laser printer. We also have a photocopier, microfiche and VCR.

A separate viewing room has been set up with a television and VCR where it is possible to watch one of the many video interviews chronicling the oral history of many of our community members. Future plans include setting up a "museum" room adjacent to the library to display the many costumes, rugs, photographs and other artifacts and extending the library hours.

Mary Kondoff and Zorka Basil
Mary Kondoff and Zorka Basil


Translating the Balkans

Prof. Christina Kramer

Including book launches for
"My Father's Books"
"The Time of the Goats"
"Freud's Sister"

March 3, 2013

Republic of Macedonia Consul General

July 2012

Macedonian Open Golf Tournament 2012


Happy 70th

The Best Promoter of Macedonia

Children of the Greek Civil War

By Loring M. Danforth and Riki Van Boeschoten (Feb. 12, 2012)

Happy 20th Anniversary


November 11, 2011

Skype Lecture from Macedonia

Reassessing the Demotic Text of the

Rosetta Stone

May 11, 2011

"Let me tell you a story..." A Symposium of Immigration to Canada 2010

"Get to Know Us" A documentary film about the history of the Jews in Macedonia. Directed by Marjia Makeska. Overview with Dr. Christina Kramer. 01/24/10


Artist Michael Close and the Canadian Macedonian Historical Society donate art work to the Prime Ministers of Canada and the Republic of Macedonia

The Creation of the Macedonian Literary Language - Dr. Kosta Peev - Author of Lexicon of Macedonian Dialects from Southeastern Aegean Macedonia
Canadian Macedonian Artist Michael Close - on his work and Mother Teresa. 
BOOK LAUNCH - "Macedonia and the Macedonians - A History" By Professor Andrew Rossos - 2008
1913 Treaty of Bucharest (Macedonia’s Partition) By Risto Stefov May 19, 2008
BOOK LAUNCH - "Men in White Aprons" - November 25, 2007
"Let me tell you a story..." A Symposium of Immigration to Canada 2007
Video Interview with Alex Gigeroff July 2006 
Men in White Aprons - Lecture by Professor Harry Herman 2006 » 
Grand Opening of the CMHS Library and Resource Centre 2005 »
Em Baba Em Nevesta, Lecture by Dr. Kathy Dimitrievski 2005 »
The Prize Winning Documentary "The Children of 1948" 2005 »
Carabram Multicultural Festival in Brampton, Ontario 2004 »
25th Anniversary of Canadian Macedonian Place - Lecture with Olga Naumoff and Sotir Nitchov 2004 »
World Premier of the Documentary - "Just Arrived" 2004 »
JSG Gandeto - The Ancient Macedonians and Ancient Greeks 2003 »
Lerin Society's Annual Picnic 2003 »
Open Doors Event at the Toronto Archives 2003 »
Ceremony Commemorating the Death of Gotse Delchev 2003 »
Historical Society's Annual General Meeting 2003 »
Kramer, Stoymenoff: Language and Identity in the Village of Vrbnik 2003 »
Special Showing of "Dust" with Director, Milcho Manchevski 2003 »
Rossos: The Macedonian Question and Instability in the Balkans 2003 »
Stefov: When Bad Things Happened to Good Macedonian People 2003 »
Macedonian Kolede Costume Ball 1996
From Baba's Hope Chest Macedonian Treasures in Canada 1995
First Annual Banquet 1993
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