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Studies in a Dying Culture  by Christopher Caudwell
Studies in Ancient Greek Society: The Prehistoric Aegean  by George Thomson
Studies in Classical and Byzantine Manuscript illumination  by Herbert L. Kessler
Studies in Greek and Roman History  by  
Studies in the History of Art Volume 10: Macedonia and Greece in Late Classical and Early Hellenistic Times  by Beryl Barr-Shercar
Successors of Alexander The Great; Ptolemy I - Pyrrhus of Epirus- Hiero of Syracuse-AntiochuII  by C. A. Kincaid
Svedostba za Kiril i Metodij  by Radmila U grinovska-Skalovsk
Svetot na Dlanka  by M398.2KAT Katin
The World and Its People  by  
The Age of Alexander  by  Plutarch
The Aguments of The Emperor Julian Against the Christians and Upon the Sovereign Sun  by L. R. Taylor
The Ancient Beotians and the Coinage of Beotia  by W. Rhys Roberts
The Ancient Greeks  by M.I. Finley
The Ancient Greeks: A critical History  by John V. A. Fine
The April Uprising 0f 1876 and the Hungarian Public  by Stoyan Radev
The Archaeology of Greece and the Aegean  by Stewart Perowne
The Archaeology of the Olympics, the Olympics and other festivals in Antiquity  by Wendy J. Raschke
The Aspects of the Macedonian Question  by Lazar Kolievski
The Assassination of Justinian's Personality  by G. Sotiroff
The Assassination of Justinian's Personality  by G. Sotiroff

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