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The Attitude of the U.S.A. towards Macedonia: The 19th Century and during the IlindenUprising, 1903  by Hristo Andonov-Poljanski
The Balkan City  by Nikolai Todorov
The Balkan Wars 1912-1913  by Jacob Gould Schurman
The Balkans  by Edmund Stillman
The Balkans  by  Niazi-Bey
The Balkans - Nationalism, War, and the Great Powers 1804-2012  by Misha Glenny
The British Museum Book of the Rosetta Stone  by Carol Andrews
The Bulgarian Army in Yugoslavia  by Boro Mitrovski
The Bulgarians  by Christ Anastasoff
The Burden of the Balkans  by M.Edith Durham
The Byzantine Commonwealth: Eastern Europe, 500-1453  by Dimitri Obolensky
The Byzantine Empire  by Robert Browning
The Campaigns of Alexander  by  Arrian
The Campaigns of Alexander - Arrian  by Aubrey De Selincourt
The Campaigns of Alexander: Arrian  by Aubrey De Selincourt
The Children of 1948: The Association of Refugee Children from Aegean Macedonia  by  
The Chronocle of the Temple of Athena at Lindus in Rhodes  by  Timachidas of Lindus
The Classical World an Epic History of Greece and Rome  by Robin Lane Fox
The Companion Guide to Mainland Greece  by Brian De Jongh
The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece  by Nigel Rodgers

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