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Prosvetnata politika na egzarhijata i učilišnite buntovi vo Makedonija  by Slavko Dimevski
Lioben KaravelovRazkazi Povesti Memoari  by Georgi Cavev
Lonely Planet Greece  by  
15th Reunion Festival 1948 - 1994, The Association of Refugee Children from Aegean Macedonia  by  
1949-1969 Univerzitet vo Skopje  by Frano Bacik, Prof., Dr.
19th Century Macedonian Folktales  by Marko Cepenkov
25 Godisen Iobileen Almanah na Naroden Glas Bulgari vo America 1908-1933  by Vasil Stefanov
42nd American-Canadian Diocese Macedonian Orthodox Church Convention  by  American-Canadian Di
43rd American-Canadian Diocese Macedonian Orthodox Church Convention  by American-Canadian Diocese MOC
75th Jubilee Baitza 1911-1986  by Boris Mongov
A Brief History of Ancient Greece Politics, Society, and Culture  by Sarah B. Pomeroy
A concise history of Ancient Greece to the close of the classical era /  by Peter Green
A Concise History of Bulgaria 2nd Ed  by R.J. Crampton
A fifteenth century Italian Plutarch (British Museum Add. MS. 22318) /  by Charles Mitchell
A Handbook of Greek Art  by Gisela M. A. Richter
A History of Europe  by Henri Pirenne
A History of Greece  by Cyril E. Robinson
A History of Macedonia  by R.Malcolm Errington
A History of Middle Europe, From the Earliest Times to the Age of the World Wars  by Leslie C. Tihany
A History of the Balkans, From the Earliest times to the Present Day  by Ferdinand Schevill

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