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Title: Svetot na Dlanka
Author(s): M398.2KAT Katin
Publisher: Trimarks, Skopje
Published: 2014
ISBN: 9786082044
Item Type: Paperback
Description: 440, p.
Bibliographic Notes: includes index
Summary Notes: The publication "The World in the Hand", which has 440 pages, is in Macedonian, and in one place, as wide as the palm, open wide horizons - and he can travel around the world, get acquainted with many countries, places, Cities, interesting monuments of indigenous cultures, cultures and religions adopted by the conquerors, especially the English, the Spanish, the French and the Portuguese, as well as the creation of languages, peoples. In most of the countries in the world that I visited, there is a Macedonian population living in all parts of Macedonia and parts of ethnic Macedonia. Therefore, going around the world as a journalist; Vice-President of the Commission for Relations with the Religious Communities of the Republic of Macedonia; As a member of state, church, journalist and other delegations, and as a person to whom the world is a challenge, the trips were closely related to the acquaintance, research and affirmation of Macedonian Orthodox churches, societies and other associations around the world. Otherwise, the Macedonians in the diaspora have a long history that dates back to the second half of the XIX century and with varying intensity lasts until today. It was dictated by the cruelty of the temptations that the Macedonian people were going through in the struggle for their survival in the space where the state of the great Macedonian king Alexander the Great existed and developed. The break-up of the Ottoman Empire and the formation of the Balkan states were, again, the reason for the capture and conquest of the territory of Macedonia and their assimilation as a nation within the Bulgarian, Serbian, Hellenic and Albanian states, under the violent patron of the Great Powers and Their global interests for domination in the Balkans.
Subject(s): Social Sciences
No. of Copies: 1
Call Number: M398.3KAT
Donated by: Slave Katin

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