Macedonian Children of the Greek Civil War


Village Names Changed from Macedonian to Greek


THE NAMES OF 804 MACEDONIAN VILLAGES IN AEGEAN MACEDONIA, occupied by Greece in 1912, were forcedly changed to erase their Macedonian character and identity.  Following the 1913 Treaty of Bucharest, the Macedonian place names that existed were gradually changed to Greek names, this included people's family and given names. The assimilation process was called Hellenization. It became official in 1927 as the Greek Government Legislative Edict declared that "there were only Greeks people in Greece". This was part of a process whereby all the names of Macedonian villages, towns, regions, etc. were changed, together with the surnames of ethnic Macedonians, into Greek versions. From 1934-1941 the Military Dictatorship of Metaxas in Greece prohibits the speaking of Macedonian as it fines and jails those who do not obey the new law. The following are the names of villages that were changed from Macedonian to Greek.

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