The Story of Vasilka

The Canadian Macedonian Historical Society had a special treat for our members
this year at the Annual General Meeting in April. In cooperation with the
Macedonian Film Festival who had presented this film at the festival last
year, we were able to present the documentary STORY OF VASILKA, directed
by Giovanni Princigalli. The director made an authoritative, emotional
and narrative film using not only personal pictures but also footage
from Kinoteka (Cinémathèque) of Skopje.

A screening was set up in the dining hall of CMP after the meeting.
The CMHS would like to thank the staff at the CMP for allowing the
society to show the film and assisting in the set up.

The film is a real-life portrait of Vasilka, an 84-year old
Macedonian now living in Quebec, chronicling her family’s history
as it unfolds alongside the history of Yugoslavia and its people,
from Nazi-fascist occupation, Communism, and finally to emigration
and difficult integration into Canada.

Her family history which included her father and then her husband’s
fight for Macedonian independence and what they suffered as a result
was part of her story. As a new immigrant to a strange country, which
included her struggle in overcoming those memories became part of her story.
She had little language and three young children and a husband that was
forever damaged by his past experiences. Apparently, her husband had some
knowledge of French, and thought by immigrating to French Canada it would
be easier to assimilate.

There was no lack of questions, as we had an opportunity to ask Dr. Gligor
Delev and his mother, Vasilka questions after the screening of the film.
The film was commissioned by Dr. Delev, a Canadian doctor of Macedonian
origin, who wanted a film by which his children could remember their
grandmother. The society would like to thank both our guest who arrived
after a long trip from Montreal for the screening. Tony Markovski
expressed our appreciation for their efforts and gave them a thank you
card which included a token of our gratitude.